Module 2 was planned to mount on top the module 1 drawers on the right hand side, and contain an additional storage drawer and a wardrobe type unit for clothing.

After a reassing my layout after a few trial trips, I decided to increase the size of the the clothes storage cupboard, extending it further forward into the cabin, in order to better take advantage of the space behind the drivers seat.

This is the initial carcass of the drawer part of the unit.



Profiled to sit snugly against the side of the truck for support.



CAD (cardboard aided design) was applied to find the right angles of the clothes storage cupboard.



From then I forgot to take any photos (Mostly because there was a couple of year’s gap between the photo above and below) before cracking on with the build.

I settled on a design of 3 side cupboards and one rear facing cupboard, here is the frame lightly screwed together.



Attaching some fascia panels to the frame so the door runners are hidden from view. Note the small wooden guides ready for the tambour door tracks to be installed.


Bit of a jump to the next photo, the frame has been disassembled, with most interior faces upholstered in grey carpet. The upper frame then glued and screwed back together properly, with upholstered shelves installed and tracks fitted for the tambour doors. The base was left off to be able to access the interior.


Cutting the tambour doors down to size.


Then final fitting of the base to the frame, again glued and screwed making this a fully sealed unit that can’t be disassembed again. The tambour doors are in place and glide along the tracks nicely. I also added some tape to the back of the doors to hopfully cut down on rattles on the road. The drawer section also got a coat of grey paint rather than a carpet covering.


Trial fit in the truck just to double check, with two support legs for the overhang.


Before a final covering of grey carpet to finish off the exterior.


I’m pleased with how the doors came out, the tracks aren’t visible and they look pretty seamless. Ignore the wobbly carpet on these photos, I had to go round with some more adhesive to fix that back down…


I also added some bungee cord to the top of the unit which forms a net for holding items on top of the cupboards. Turns out this is a good place for clothing that is ready to wash – a horizontal laundry bin of sorts.


The finished article.



Module 2 is securely bolted to module 1 with the help of some ally strip acting as spreader plates for extra strength. These units are very rigid and are not going anywhere.






I decided not to build another drawer for this unit, instead I had already purchase some levelling ramps for the truck and they fit in this space perfectly. And to the right of that is just enough space to store my folding camp chairs – hence the cutout on the right hand vertical panel.