Finalising my layout, the fridge would be mounted behind the drivers seat, allowing easy access from inside and outside – via the side door. Behind that will be a 20L water container and finally the toilet. The floor of the truck is anything but flat, so I needed a platform for holding these items.

Plus, as you may have seen from my previous post, I extended the module 2 storage cupboard further forward  utilising the space above the water/toilet combo, so I needed a base to mount the support legs into.

I made a simple, stepped plywood platform with supporting legs where the floor fell away.


The fridge has small feet on it, so I made some round supports for them to slot into. I then covered the platform in carpet.


Screwing the platform to the drawers in the back so they don’t move.


The support legs of the module 2 cupboard have dowels on, which locate into the platform


Adding some carpet cushioning and ally brackets to hold the toilet and stop it rattling.


More brackets for the water container.


I noticed some additional free space above the toilet, so made a shelf to attach underneath the module 2 cupboard.


It tucks up nice and discretely, with a bungee cord wrapped round to stop items sliding out.


The finised unit in place and loaded up.