Browsing the web one day I stumbled upon this truck:

Land Cruiser camper

I fell in love.

A little more research uncovered a few more photos, and then a plan began to form in my head.

Green laning had lost its spark for me, and I found I was barely driving my modified Suzuki Jimny any more. I fancied a change. I fancied something more grown up. I fancied an expedition.

Prepping the Jimny for long distance travel wasn’t an option. It was too slow, too noisy, too uncomfortable, too small and too tiring to drive for more than a few hours at a time. I began to think what I wanted from a truck.

Requirement list:

  • Home luxuries – a double bed with a comfy matress, cotton sheets and a thick duvet.
  • On board washing facilities – a hot shower, basin and tap, and a toilet.
  • Cooking and food storage in order to be entirely self-sufficient.
  • Space for my mountain bike.