A Saturday morning. With the help of Ian, we managed to get the roof tent assembled on the truck.

First job was to put attach the EDPM foam strip to the underside of the platform – this is what create the seal between the roof tent and the truck, to stop water running into the open sunroof.

Then we lifted the platform onto the roof of the truck and bolted it down. No pictures, it was heavy.

With that done, it was time to lift the shell onto the platform. The hinges and gas lifting struts were connected and this is what it looked like.


An opening/closing clam-shell roof!



Other plans meant that was it for the day. Although not before a quick test drive to see the level of wind noise and make sure it was all attached properly. Ratchet straps for safety in case it decided to part company en-route.


Next day, next job! Attach the canvas.


All bolted up and looking good.


The internal support bar for the canvas folds up.


And gets locked into place by telescopic rods. Note the foam mattress in there as well, perfect fit.





Attached some bungee cord to both corners, this will help the canvas fold in on itself as the roof is closed


My awning has also recently arrived. I neglected to mention that I’d already fitted the brackets which hold it in place to the roof platform. These were bolted through the plywood base, the brackets are much longer than appear in the pgoto, and go under the ally angle that the canvas bolts to, and into the sleeping area.


Better view from the underneath. And the ally spreader plate on the underside ensured they couldn’t pull through.


Awning fitted as well. Looks to be the perfect height, enough room to open the doors, and plenty of space above to open/close the pop top.



And a rear view, closed, with all the lights and number plate attached.