As is de-rigueur in the off road / overland community, you’re nothing unless you have a light bar. Aesthetics aside, I do think they are practical and make a huge difference to night driving.

Wisdom says not to overland at night – makes sense – but my truck’ll be spending most of it’s days in the UK, with our perpetual gloom and darkness for 98% of the year.

The one I ordered (2 years ago) turns out to be longer than advertised. This means it didn’t bolt straight onto the roof tent platform. Bugger.

Out with the slitting disc and 2 brackets were made.


Much better.


On the subject of lighting, camping lights were added, one each side above the rear passenger doors. These will be activated by a switch by the top of the front seat-belt mounts, for easy reach.


And finally reversing lights for night time maneuvers.


These were bolted through the platform floor and sikoflexed up to seal the holes.