With the shell painted, there was still plenty to finish off.

The solar charged vent needed fitting – sealing with sikoflex and bolting through. I also decided to make a wind-break for it, to try and deflect those motorway speed torrential downpours that always seem to happen.

Angle ally cut, painted and riveted into place.


Underside view. The button labels point the correct way to be read when lying in bed as well.


Next up was all the wiring for the rear lights. Very messy for now, with bits of duct tape holding it out of the way.


In total there are 4 direction indicators, 4 tail lights, 4 break lights and 4 number plate lights to connect.


Also 2x micro USB ports for phone charging. And another circuit running up to the fan in case I decide to convert it to 12v mains rather than battery power.


All wires come together at the front of the shell, with bullet and spade connectors to allow the roof to be separated when needed.

Corresponding wires fed through the floor and connected up, these go into waterproof connector blocks ready for wiring to the truck.