You may have seen a lot of activity lately. Indeed the last few weeks were a mad rush trying to get the truck ‘sleepable’ for the weekend – just in time for a camping trip!

Indeed the original plan was to take it away locally for one night in the Peak District, as a test run to find any major problems. But, well, 3 nights in Devon and 2 in Cornwall some hundreds of miles away would be a better test, right?!

First few nights were on a site at least, in case of emergencies. Plus there was an event on that was being hosted here.



Setup was quick an easy. Note the jacks under the side steps for stability at night. Subsequent tests have shown these aren’t necessary, so will likely only be used in heavy wind.


After 3 nights at the festival it was time to head over to Cornwall. Here we’re just parked at the coast next to some other campervans whilst we did some hiking.


Out first wild camp was near Falmouth – I forgot to take photos of the setup, but we found a quiet lane with off road parking with some 6 or 7 other campervans.

Next day, we toured round the coast some more.


The next camp was properly wild. Just off a byway on top of a cliff with beautiful views overlooking the sea. For such a remote location it was still used by some walkers into the evening so we let it get late before setting up camp. It was too dark for photos by this time.

In the morning we were greeted with a heavy fog from the sea, which meant the views had disappeared.

A successful night of proper overland wild camping though. Very pleased with the result.