The Troll comes shod with 265/70/R16 tyres as standard, but at around 30″ in diameter these look a little lost in the mammoth wheel arches. After umming and erring about various sizes and aggressivenesss, I decided to replace these with a set of 285/75/R16 Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx. At 33″ in size they give a 10% increase over standard and are at the agressive end of the All-Terrain tyre scale.

I also bought a spare set of alloys (cheers Will!) which I got refurbished and repainted in gloss black, and now really suit the truck. Here they are fitted:


I cleaned off the blue protection covering from the white lettering.


And also removed the side steps. It looks a lot more purposeful now.


Thought it wise to give the tyres a test too, so headed off out to the Peak District for a bit of green laning.


The Troll is a lot comfier than my old Jimny, I think I made a wise decision


Such a shame that Stanage Edge has been vandalised and the beautiful and technical bedrock track has been sanitised with hardpacked gravel. The new drainage ditches are a good improvement though.


At least the view remains unspoilt.


Its a fine looking truck and has a fair amount of rear travel as standard. This was without the electronic-release anti roll bar being disconnected too.