Last week I found myself in Anglesey, and decided to do another bivvy. A solo bivvy on the beach at that.

A little apprehensive before hand, concerns raced through my head – the beach would be quite exposed with little cover, it’ll be windy on the coast, how will I deal with it mentally being all alone?

I decided to check out a couple of potential spots beforehand. With a little beach driving…


…and dune driving.


After a chippy tea, I ended up on the beach near RAF Valley and waited for dusk.


There were a number of people around, so I watched the sun set before moving into position.


Getting a little chilly in the strong breeze, I found a flat spot about 10 yards into the dunes which was more sheltered, and set up camp.


The view from the bivvy spot was quite special, and the cloud cover cleared a little later revealing an amazing sky with more stars than I’ve seen in a long time.

I was pleasantly surprised – any concerns about being all alone, in the middle of nowhere, where anyone could be lurking quickly disappeared. The knife tucked in to the bag with me probably helped somewhat too!

Overall very happy to establish solo bivvying doesn’t phase me, it was easy to switch off and fall asleep listening to nature.


A successful night! I rose a little before 6.45 and packed up before heading off. And managed to find this interesting Disco on the way back!


Bivvy number two – done!