It’s been a while since my last post. Almost 4 years. And I’ve been busy.

2019 I spent a lot of time camping in the Troll, without fixed furniture or storage I had opportunity to reassess my plans for in interior, try out different configurations and generally enjoy using it for what it was intended.

2020 and a global pandemic happened. I was trapped abroad for a 6 months which kept me away from the truck, and then 2021 was a bad year for me personally.

As spring 2022 broke, I rediscovered my mojo and my head spun into gear with plans for the next steps for the truck.

2023 and CamperTroll – in it’s current iteration – is finished. The next few posts will catch up on the progress and trips I made over the last year or so.

My first spurt of enthusiasm was to finally finish the roof tent. Previous trips had shown it suffers a little with condensation when the humidity is up. Despite the extractor fan running all night, the bare metal shell still collected some damp, as did underneath the matress.

I insulated the shell and floor with some self adhesive foam, and purchased a Dry-Mat anti consensation mat which has solved the problem. I replaced the foam matress with a memory foam one for extra comfort, and also carpeted over the roof insulation which makes the whole space feel warmer and more homely.