We’ve had some nice weather here recently, and seeing as I’ve removed the seats from the Troll I thought I’d make some… luxury garden furniture!


Well, part-time garden furniture at least. This is on wheels and will be kept in the garage and mostly used as a sofa in there, but when the weather’s nice it can be wheeled out.

Leather upholstery, recliner, built in drinks holders, head rests… bliss!

Simple wooden frame and some rubber castors off ebay.




Still need to cover the wooden frame to make it more attractive, will probably get some cheap grey carpet to wrap it in.

The rear seats have an odd shaped lump in the side, so not sure what I’ll do with those. I may make a similar seat and hide the wheel arch mountings with a table or something. To be decided.


  1. Hi,

    Well done, Im doing a very similar project on a GU patrol. excited to follow your build up 🙂

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