Campertroll - Nissan Patrol Y61 ZD30 overland expedition camper project.


A little breathing space

A couple of early Christmas presents – From: Me, To: Me.

The shell – practice run

Trial run at the pop top shell

Ooh… nice rack!

The base for the pop top tent

ICE to see you…

Finally the new audio setup

Insulation – mid section

Let there be… warmth

Door cards

Fitting larger speakers into the back doors

Spaced out

Fitting the spare wheel back on the door

New boots and stretching the legs

New tyres and refurbed alloys fitted. Plus a pootle round the Peaks

First draft layout mock-up

Cardboard mockups, and the planning continues.

Tail light modification

The first modification – I needed to do something to help with the new-vehicle-bonding process